Diplomats Recognized and Introduced at Spring Banquet

Released 05/25/2018

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Press Release
Contact: Kristina Angelone, Special Project & Operations Coordinator
                 251-937-5665 ext. 3
Date: 5/25/2018

North Baldwin Chamber Recognizes Current Diplomats and Introduces New at Spring Banquet

Last year the North Baldwin Chamber of Commerce brought back the Diplomat program which included 11 active volunteers. The mission of this program is to support the North Baldwin Chamber of Commerce, specifically promoting member commitment, increasing retention and fostering growth in the North Baldwin area. The program requires a one-year commitment.

This class of Diplomats served as a liaison between Chamber staff and the general membership, they attended various ribbon cuttings, grand openings, and staffed the welcome/registration table at Chamber events. They also attended meetings at the Chamber where they learned about programs the Chamber offers and about upcoming events.

During the Membership Blitz they, along with our Junior Ambassadors and Board members, visited over 150 members in one week to thank them for being a member of the North Baldwin Chamber.

They were also instrumental in hosting the hospitality suite for vendors at Christmas fest. They provided food, service and a smile for the out of town vendors all the while fostering good will as representatives from North Baldwin.

“Our hope is that an active group made up of local citizens and business representatives can reach areas of our community the Chamber doesn’t always get the opportunity to interact with. They help us educate the community on the benefits of being a Chamber member and how the Chamber promotes growth in our area.”  said Kristina Angelone, Special Projects & Operations Coordinator of the North Baldwin Chamber of Commerce.

This inaugural class received one-year service pins at the spring banquet held on Wednesday, May 23rd to thank them for their commitment. In addition to this class, new Diplomats were inducted into service for the upcoming year.

Current Diplomats Left to Right: Stephen Sexton, Tommy Langham, Bob Zarr, Carol Smith, Clair Dorough
and Bobbie Brown.
Not pictured: Dr. Hunter Hale, Keith Castleberry, Mark Daniel, Robin Olson and Wanda Ezekiel.


New Diplomats pictured Left to Right: Mary Kelly, Colleen Donald, Lori McCormick and Kasey Henderson.
New Diplomats not pictured: Brady Hall, Jennifer Hulbert, Keniesha, and Stacey Gregson.

“Eight members of the inaugural class will be returning to the Diplomat program and the Chamber is looking forward working with another eight new members as we get ready for a new and exciting year with our volunteers,” said Angelone “we have some wonderful projects coming up and we’re grateful for their help.”